Birthday yarn blanket

My birthday was in August and this was how the conversation went the week before:

Each family member: So mum/Sharon, what do you want for your birthday?
Me, to each family member: Yarn. You know, wool. Yarn. Cotton yarn. I like cotton.
Them: *eye rolls* yeah o-kaaay,but what else?
Son: Cotton wool??
There’s always one, isn’t there!

I wish they understood how much I really really love yarn.

I received vouchers for, who sells gorgeous Cygnet yarn, and our local yarn shop, known as  the Wool Shop, just to confuse my son 😉

I totally fell in love with this beautiful premium baby acrylic yarn called Woolcraft Babycare Spots DK in colour 645.

I’m combining it with Cygnet Yarns Kiddie Couture DK in Lolly Stripes, using the Corner to Corner stitch or c2c.

It’s so much fun, I hope to have a lovely warm blanket for winter!

October 1st Update: I haven’t had much time to work on my blanket as I’ve been working on my daughter’s blanket but I can tell you I am still in love with the yarn. It’s going to be so warm and cosy when it’s finished.



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