Make a Vintage Style Colour Block Cowl

Modern colour blocking and sweet lacy stitches all join up together to produce a unique and cosy winter cowl or longer infinity scarf.

Here’s inspiration and how to get started to make your own design you will love.

Mine started with a self-patterning baby yarn I fell in love with called King Cole Baby Cherish in peach tree. I bought one ball because it was so soft and pretty but I had no idea what I would do with it. Self patterning yarns are amazing for knitting but don’t turn out the same when crocheted. That’s not to say we shouldn’t use them, as they can have lovely results as long as you don’t expect the same result as if knitting.
King Cole Cherish in peach tree
Isn’t it so pretty! *sigh*

At the same time I bought James C Brett baby dk in a cream, lilac and peach. Not their real names and I don’t have the bands with actual names any longer. But the point of this isn’t for you to reproduce my cowl but rather make one you will love of your own creation.

Start with an unusual self patterning or variegated yarn such as Cygnet fairy isle (from my friend and lovely small shop owner Mrs Snufflebean)
Choose 2-3 further colours to compliment your pretty yarn.

As the Cherish is so pretty (have I mentioned that before?) I went for a simple half treble crochet in UK terms or half double crochet in US. I randomly alternated back loops and top loops (love that with htc/hdc!) and continued until I had no pretty yarn left.

Join your first solid colour and work a favourite stitch, or try something new. My first colour was peach and I worked a bobble stitch.

Choose contrasting stitches, and even try a granny square or motif as I did with the lilac.

Join the final row to the first row in your chosen joining method (I crocheted the rows together using slip stitches) and marvel at your amazing unique cowl.

Peach bobble stitch Crochet colour blocking scarf



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