AKA Snowy Festive Mandala, Gingerbread and Candy Canes Mandala, Pastel Festive Mandala.

This pattern is worked in the round all on the right side.

Pattern written in UK terms with US terms in ( )

Skill level: Beginner

Yarn Used: Three Bears Yarn cotton Affection Aran in White, Ginger, Poppy Red and Duck Egg

You can use any yarn you like.

Hook: 5mm or any hook to suit your yarn.

Tension: Not important for this project.

Size: My version measures 24cm across lightly blocked, however if you use a different yarn and hook your mandala size will vary.

Stitches Used and Abbreviations:

Chain  ch

Chain space ch sp

Double crochet (single crochet)  dc (sc)

Treble crochet (double crochet)  tr (dc)

Slip stitch  sl st

Spike  sp

Special Stitches

tr2tog (dc2tog) cluster

tr3tog (dc3tog) cluster

dc2tog (sc2tog) cluster

Sp: A spike stitch is worked under the stitch of the last row, loosely drawing up a loop to the height of the current row and finished as normal.

Start here >>

Start with white, chain 8 and join with a sl st to form a ring.

Row 1: Work 1 ch then 12 dc (sc) into the ring, sl st to first dc (sc) (12 stitches)

Row 2: chain 3 then 1 tr (dc) into the same st, counts as tr2tog (dc2tog), [3 ch, tr2tog (dc2tog) into next st] 11 times, 2 ch then sl st to first tr2tog (dc2tog).

Row 3: Sl st into the ch3 sp, ch 1 then 1 dc (sc) into the same place, [ 4 ch, 1 dc (sc) into the next 3 ch arch] 11 times, then 4 ch and sl st to first dc (sc). Fasten off.

Row 4: Join Ginger in same place, ch 1,  work *[2 dc (sc), 3 ch, 2 dc (sc)] all into the same 4 ch arch; repeat from * 11 more times then sl st to first dc (sc). Fasten off.

Row 5: Join Red into the next 3 ch arch then 3 ch and tr2tog (dc2tog) which counts as tr3tog (dc3tog), then 4 ch, then tr3tog (dc3tog) all in the same arch, *[tr3tog (dc3tog), 4 ch, tr3tog (dc3tog)] all into the next ch 3 arch; then repeat from * 10 more times and sl st to the top of the first tr3tog (dc3tog). Fasten off.

Row 6: Join Duck egg to any 4 ch sp, then into that 4 ch sp work ch 1, *[dc (sc), htc (hdc), 2 tr (dc), then 3 ch, 2 tr (dc), htc (hdc), dc (sc)]; repeat from * in each 4 ch space, total of 12 4ch sp. Fasten off.

Row 7: Join Ginger to 3 ch sp, ch 1, *dc (sc) in 3 ch sp, then skip 2 tr (dc), htc (hdc), dc (sc), work 3 ch then dtr-sp (tr-sp) (see picture below in alternative colours for position of this spike stitch), skip dc (sc), htc (hdc), 2 tr (dc), 3 ch; rep from * 11 more times and sl st into dc (sc).

Note: It  may feel quite out of shape at this point, however it will be fine after the following row.

Row 8: 1 ch, *dc (sc) in same st, then work 4 dc (sc) in 3 ch arch; rep from * and sl st to dc (sc). Fasten off.

Row 9: Join Red by skipping that dc (sc) and next dc (sc), ch1 then *dc2tog (sc2tog) cluster over the next 2 st, skip 3 st, 4 ch; rep from * all the way round and sl st into first cluster.

Row 10: Sl st into 4 ch sp, 2 ch counts as first htc (hdc,), 4 htc (hdc), *1 ch, 5 hrc (hdc) into next 4 ch sp; rep from * all the way round, 1 ch then sl st into top of ch of first htc (hdc). Fasten off.

Note: For the next two rows you will be working in front of the last two rows, and you will need to fold the last two rows back.

Row 11: Join White by skipping next st, 1 ch then work *[dc (sc), tr (dc)] into the same st, sk 4 tr(sc), 4 ch; rep from * all the way round and sl st to dc (sc).

Row 10: Sl st into tr (dc) then sl st into 4 ch sp, 1 ch, then *work a dc-sp (sc-sp) under the previous row’s 4 ch arch and under the 1 ch sp from Row 10 (see pictures below), sk 4 dc (sc) from row 8, 5 ch;  rep from all the way around and sl into first dc-sp (sc-sp). Fasten off.

Finishing: Weave in ends with a darning needle and block if needed.

Gingerbread and Candy Canes Mandala

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December 12, 2016

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