I wanted to make my teen daughter something very special for Christmas. She already has blankets, shawls and toys. She loves being cosy (who doesn’t!) so I went for a girlie poncho.

I started with designing the flowers and the petals around the flowers. I thought as I joined the squares what a cute blanket they would make!

I then worked rows of clusters in that gorgeous candy pink. I moved on to shells and completed the main body of the poncho in shells.
You can see the back here. It looks good enough to be the front.

The border and neck is worked with rows of bead stitch. I will add a tutorial for the bead stitch soon.

I finished the lower edge with popcorn bobbles.

My daughter loves it.

I hope to write up the pattern, although I amde the classic mistake of not taking many notes as I went along as I was in a hurry to get it done for Christmas. So I might have to remake it. What a shame, oh well, looks like I’ll be having a poncho too ­čśë

January 3, 2017

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