Or “why should knitters have all the good yarn?”

You can’t help but love and admire hand dyed and hand painted yarn with it’s amazing speckles, gradients, colour changes and all round individual creativity.

If, like me, you follow indie yarn dyers on etsy or instagram, or you watch knitting podcasts (for the yarn!) or you actually knit you will know that hand dyed yarn creates the most spectacular results when knitted, particularly shawls and well, socks and more socks. It’s almost enough to make me take up knitting.


Until I did this. Love.

hand dyed sock yarn crochet scarf

The colour is tricky to capture, it dances and shimmies (yes, shimmies!) depending on the light.

It’s a simple smooth edged asymmetric scarf using 100g skein of 4 ply sock yarn from Down Sheepy Lane on Etsy. I follow Debbie the creator on Instagram. Just before Christmas I fell in love with “how to manage your flamingo” but it was sold out (understandably!) and even though Debbie offered to custom dye a flamingo skein I went for OOAK Blues instead. It’s a bit special, isn’t it?

This is OOAK Blues out of the band. I was too excited to think and take a pic before un-banding, sorry. But can you blame me? Look at it! Stunning.

The scarf is worked using UK trebles, double trebles and double treble cross stitches (US doubles, trebles and treble cross stitches) and finished with a picot edge. You start at the skinny end and increase and decrease (my special trick to get that smooth edging!) until just before you finish the skein, leaving enough for the picot edging.

Blocking really finishes off the scarf, opening up the cross stitch panels and straightening it all out.

The free pattern is now available here.

I really enjoyed this project and have so many ideas for future makes using hand dyed yarn.

Has this inspired you to give hand dyed yarn a go? What will you make? Let me know below!


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January 16, 2017


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