This design creates a sleek modern asymmetrical scarf from one skein of fingering weight sock yarn. The pattern is mainly a 12 row repeat so you can use more yarn for a larger shawl scarf, or even switch up to a dk or aran/worsted weight yarn and make your project the size you want. You can read more about the scarf and yarn here.

I used my 4.5mm hook for a lovely drape with the fingering weight yarn. For the close up pics below  I’ve used dk weight yarn and a 6mm hook. I crochet quite loose so I recommend going up at least 2 hook sizes for your yarn, and 3 hook sizes if you crochet tight.

 The pattern is suitable for adventurous beginners as well as more experienced crocheters who will enjoy the variety of stitches.

It is made using familiar UK treble crochet (USA double crochet) and UK double treble crochet(US trebles) as well as cross stitches, increases and decreases and a simple faux picot edging. I will explain the stitches further below.

You work from one corner with a series of increases and decreases to create a fairly long and skinny asymmetrical shape.

You will be increasing at the beginning of every row and decreasing at the end of every second row, which means the stitch count increases by one every two rows.

It sounds complicated but you soon get into the rhythm of it. I placed a stitch marker on the side where I decrease to remind me which side I was on.

The pattern is written in UK terms US terms in italics.

One skein asymmetrical crochet scarf free pattern

Increases and Decreases

In this pattern you increase in the first stitch of every row, which means you turn your work, chain 3 or 4 depending on which row you are on to count as the first treble or double treble, then crochet back into that same stitch. You now have two stitches in the first stitch.

You decrease at the end of every second row by working  two stitches together into the last two stitches of the row.

Faux picot and crossed stitches are explained further down in the pattern.

The Set Pattern.

After some initial rows you will start the Set Pattern.

It consists of:

6 treble rows (US double rows)

4 double treble rows (US treble rows)

6 treble rows (double rows)

2 Cross Double treble rows ( Cross treble rows)

2 Treble rows (double rows)

2 Cross Double treble rows ( Cross treble rows)

and repeat!

If using 100g fingering weight yarn which gives a yardage of around 400m you should get to complete the set pattern a total of 5 times, then add a few more rows of treble crochet (double crochet) and the edging. I had added in the extra rows of treble (double) crochet at the end to take into account the differences in tension and yarn, so you can do less or more before the edging which requires a stitch count to be divisible by 8.

If you are using more yarn make sure you add in the right amount of rows of treble (double crochet) at the end to give you a multiple of 8.

Introducing the Cordelia Scarf pattern, named after the beautiful seascape colours of the yarn from Down Sheepy Lane (Cordelia means daughter or jewel of the sea!).

Love Knitting

Blocking is recommended to relax the yarn and open up the crossed double treble stitches.

Pic showing the missed first stitch for the Beginning cross stitch.
Pic showing the missed first stitch for the Beginning cross stitch.
Asymmetrical crochet scarf
My Cordelia Scarf on instagram

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Any questions or issues please let me know! I hope you like it as much as I do.

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January 23, 2017

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